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Book Review – Colton (Kingsbrier Quintuplets) by Jody Kaye

Amazon Description:
I spent years in the military molding myself into someone better. After the accident, entire parts of my life missing. Memories, my career, my leg… My one and only best friend who has run off and gotten married. Didn’t she know I was in love with her?
With nothing left, I give up and block everyone out. That’s when my family brings Keely here to get me back on my feet. She’s regimented and won’t put up with my lousy attitude. Sure wish Keely used the same tactics on her daughter. That girl is out of control.
I won’t put up with the kid’s bad attitude and put my foot down. That’s when the three of us turn into something more. The family of my own I never thought I’d get. The life I was so sure I’d lost out on.
A struggling single mom is the last woman I’d expect to heal a loner’s soul and rebuild their confidence. Except as Keely unlocks my heart, the secret she’s kept to keep her child safe may destroy me.

Simply said, I have loved every single one of the Kingsbrier Quints. Colton took the cake for me. Jody has outdone herself!
Colton Cavanaugh is a man who has survived being shot fighting for our country and continues to serve with pride, until a tragic accident with the tractor leaves him crippled, and angry at anyone and everyone, with little will left to survive.
The family hires Ginny’s sister Keely to take over his physical therapy, recognizing it may save his life. Keely and her almost teenage daughter Gracyn move in to Colton’s house and the fireworks begin!
There hasn’t been a character in this series that I haven’t loved…. well except for Alan Adair, Keely’s father. Keely and Gracyn are no exception. I love Keely’s courage and quiet determination. Gracyn is full of sass and she made me laugh… over and over again!
I felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride, which is par for the course with Jody’s books. Laughter, crying… it’s all part of the gig!
While I am terribly sad to have this journey end, I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion! I know this is a series I will read time and again!

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