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New Release and Book Review – Colette (Kingsbrier Quintuplets #5) by Jody Kaye @JodyKaye

Publication Date: February 14, 2019
Coming-of-Age / Family Saga
Standalone in the Kingsbrier Quintuplets series
Series number: 5

I know how to make a man want. I do it so well that it gained me a stalker. I’m not afraid of him,
but of men like him. So living an orderly and private life keeps my anxiety at bay and my family
out of the tabloids.
Devon shows me how freeing chaos can be. He refuses to accept the face I show the world. But
Devon also holds me at arms length… And when he reveals the darkest places inside of him, I
can’t help wondering if he wants me at all.
(This book is a stand alone romance in The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Series.)

“You’ve got questions for me,” he says.
“Oh so many.”
Devon leads with his heart. I’m not sure why I trust him, but I do. Perhaps it’s that the
Cavanaughs think highly of him. Our interactions at times are so effortless that it seems like I
know everything about this man. I’d say he’s an open book, but for as much as we talk, it’s me
who continues to open up. In comparison, to what I’ve told him about me, I know nothing at all
about Devon and I want to change that.
“What’s the first one?”
“Why is it so easy to talk to you?”
“I understand something inside of you,” he says matter of fact.
I’m not arguing that. There’s no point. We have a connection and I want to see where it’s
leading us.
I turn and start walking backward underneath the weeping limbs of an immense willow. The
drapes hide me and Devon brushes the heavy curtains back.
“Now, what’s the real first one?” Devon knows I’m holding my cards close. Testing if his honesty
holds out.
“Why haven’t you kissed me yet?” My heel hits the first exposed root. The base of the tree is a
few feet away.
“I didn’t think you wanted me to.” He stalks forward at a leisurely pace, but instinct tells me that if
I ran and hid behind the trunk that Devon would give chase. I ran and hid behind the trunk that Devon would give chase.
©2019 Jody Kaye

As you may know by now, I absolutely love the Kingsbrier Quintuplets series! When I say love, really what I mean is I am obsessed with the series and when Jody says she has a new book coming out, I jump!

This series is everything that is good about the romance genre, and Colette is no exception! Characters that are larger than life, deep emotion, and sizzling chemistry are just a few of the qualities you can expect to find in all of Jody’s books.

I have to say that I really have had the expectation, all throughout the series, that Colette would end up with Colton, so imagine my dismay when it’s not Colton, but Devon, Adam’s friend and sort of boss! That being said, I found myself sucked in by Devon and he won me over – in a big way!

I found it so easy to identify with Colette. Ok, the big differences between us being that she’s rich and a super-model, and I am anything but… HA! However, she is so incredibly real – struggling with severe anxiety, an eating disorder, and PTSD, not to mention growing up as a ward of the state, and finally finding her family in her 20’s. It was time for her to get her happily ever after!

This book, can easily be read as a stand-alone, but really I recommend reading the ENTIRE series… Each book builds on the last, and you really must get to know the whole family!

Jody, you have outdone yourself!! Two amazing books just a few weeks apart – and they just keep getting better and better! Thank you for letting me be a part of your world! ❤️

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Series videos:
The Kingsbrier Quintuplets Series Information:
● Eric (no.1) Eric & Ginny
● Brier (no.2) Brier & Drew
● Daveigh (no.3) Daveigh & Cris
● Miss Cavanaugh (Wedding Novella) Daveigh & Cris
● Cavanaugh (Standalone/Prequel) Ross & Rose
● Adam (no.4) Adam & Temple
● Colette (no.5) Colette & Devon
● Colton (no.6) — expected release 2019

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