Book Review

Book Review – Lyssa’s Journey by Cin Medley


Lyssa Dawn, Harvard Law school graduate. Growing up on a small farm she is the ultimate country girl. But Lyssa has an undeniable special ability to read people and to see things that no one else can see. Working in a small law firm in the big city just south of the small town she grew up in, she is sent on an errand to her best friend’s family ranch. The very ranch she spent her childhood on. There she discovers a tangled web of deceit that threatens her life.

Callen McCabe, (Buck) has been destroyed beyond repair, or at least he thinks. His life as a corporate raider ended when the woman he loved destroyed him and took him for everything she could. Leaving the financial world behind him, he assimilated into the Greenvale ranch as the ranch foreman. Living his life on his terms.

When an act of defiance on his part hurts Lyssa, she responds in kind, landing them both on a road full of deceit, deception and danger.

Sometimes, love does happen at first sight. Neither of them believes it though.

So I am a HUGE fan of Cin Medley’s writing, and I can say that Lyssa’s Journey did not disappoint! It was a beautiful story, written as only Cin can tell a tale.

The characters are believable and genuine. The chemistry between Lyssa and Buck (Callen) is smoking hot. The secondary characters were also well-developed and I found myself wanting to know more about them.

Lyssa is a young attorney, sent out to the ranch of her best friend’s family on behalf of the firm she works for, only to find herself embroiled in a shady battle to take over the land. There she meets Buck, the ranch manager, and their interactions left me howling with laughter!

The story moved at a fast clip, and I found myself unable to put it down. (I did read it in one sitting.).


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