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Hogwarts House Recommendations: Gryffindor

So, I stumbled on this great blog – Auroralibrialis – and found this little treasure! I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and have always identified with Gryffindor… well, and that is where the Sorting Hat quizzes tell me I belong! Anyhow, I love this assortment of books for Gryffindors! Thanks for sharing @auroralibrialis!

Aurora Librialis


Bravery – Nerve – Chivalry – Courage – Daring

Hi guys! This is my third Hogwarts House Recommendations post and this time the house is Gryffindor. (I’ve also done Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) This might be the easiest house to pick out books for, since Gryffindors are honestly born protagonists in many ways. After all, the Harry Potter books would’ve been a lot shorter if Harry was a cunning and self-preserving Slytherin, don’t you think?

capture-20180122-184858.png 25489134-horz.jpg

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

If you’ve been here before you already know this dark and atmospheric Russian fairytale is my absolute favorite. It tells the tale of Vasya, a wild, witchy girl who can see the creatures of Russian folklore and her struggle to protect her village from evil and forge a path for herself that doesn’t end in marriage or the convent. It does break my heart a little…

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