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Book Review – Damned (Magnus Blackwell #1) by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor




Over a hundred years after the death of Magnus Blackwell, Altmover Manor sits abandoned.

Lexie Arden and her fiancé, Will Bennet, are determined to rescue the neglected Mount Desert Island landmark. They want to make Altmover Manor their home. But Magnus has other plans.

A spirit bound to his former residence, Magnus finds himself inexplicably drawn to the young woman. She has a supernatural gift; a gift Magnus wants to exploit.

As Lexie and Will settle in, secrets from Magnus’s past begin to surface. Compelled to learn all she can about the former owner, Lexie becomes immersed in a world of voodoo, curses, and the whereabouts of a mysterious dragon cane.

Magnus’s crimes won’t be so easily forgotten, and what Lexie unearths is going to change the future … for everyone.

I literally could not put this book down! I had never read anything by this author, and now I am so glad I found them!

This book is not the normal paranormal style I would read. I typically stick with shifters or vampires; however, I was completely fascinated with the ghosts and voodoo that this story centers around.

Magnus Blackwell was a horrible man in life and now is doomed to spend eternity as a ghost – tied to his family home, where he committed a heinous crime.

When Will and Lexie purchase Altmover Manor, Blackwell’s home, and begin renovations, Lexie, sensitive to the spirit world, gets a bad feeling and things go downhill.

She is able to see Magnus and communicate with him, and Will thinks it is nonsense. Lexie goes on a quest to rid herself of her ghost, and what she finds is so much more.

This book is so full of twists and turns in the plot, that I couldn’t figure out if I was coming or going (and that is a great thing!). You don’t know who is friend or foe as everyone has an ulterior motive.

The characters are so well-developed. I started out despising Magnus; however, he is my favorite character. I guess even ghosts are worthy of redemption.

Much of the story takes place in New Orleans – a city I dream of visiting. The descriptions of the city are so vivid, I felt as if I was there and could hear the jazz, taste the beignets, and experience the voodoo rituals.

All I can say is that this book is brilliant and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

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Book Review and Blog Tour – The Forest Beyond the Earth by Matthew Cox

The Forest Beyond the Earth
Matthew S. Cox
Publication date: February 6th 2018
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult

Under the watchful eye of the Mother Shrine, twelve-year-old Wisp ekes out a simple, but challenging life with Dad, foraging for food and losing herself in old books from the world that came before. She loves the Endless Forest ― except when the Tree Walkers come for her.

In ages past, the great rain of fire and ash destroyed the Earth, wiping out the ancients and everything they had made. Nature has reclaimed much since then, spreading out in a vast forest full of wonder and dread. Ever in fear of being taken away, she follows Dad’s rules without question while learning to survive off the land.

No longer a small child, she accompanies Dad on one of his treks, her first time more than a few steps away from the cabin. A day exploring with him is the happiest time of her life, but joy is short-lived.

A monster follows them home.

Safe in her Haven, she hides while Dad goes outside to confront the beast. She wakes alone the next morning, and waits. Alas, her hope of his return fades with the daylight. Desperate, she breaks his strictest rule and goes outside alone. Not far from the cabin, she discovers his rifle abandoned next to the monster’s strange footprints.

Afraid but determined, Wisp sets off on her own into the Endless Forest to find Dad ― before the Tree Walkers catch her.

Goodreads / Amazon

So, I will start out by saying that post-apocalyptic stories are not generally my cup of tea; however, The Forest Beyond the Earth was fascinating! It was so incredibly well-written and though I found it a bit slow to start, by the end, I could not put it down.

Wisp, a twelve year old girl, lives in an isolated cabin in the forest with her dad. I imagine the cabin as more of a shack, pieced together from a trailer, and other scraps of metal. One room of the cabin is a shrine to Mother, who had gone to The Other Place.

The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Colorado, after the fire dragons were angered and destroyed the earth. Wisp and her father exist on the occasional boar or deer, sometimes fish, but mostly bugs and greens gathered from the surrounding forest.

When Dad disappears after the appearance of a great buzzing bug, Wisp breaks all of his rules and ventures out away from the cabin to search for him, even though she has never been out of his sight. She faces her fears – Tree Walkers, marauders, even starvation, not to mention the possibility of getting lost in the forest – as she searches for her father.

Wisp is a brilliant character – brave, loyal, inquisitive, and most of all a survivor. Quitting is not in her vocabulary.

The scenery in this story is vivid and the author paints an incredible canvas with his words. I laughed at many of the words or phrases that Wisp and her father used. Many of the beliefs and ideals that Wisp grew up with seemed so far-fetched, yet at the same time not such a stretch for a time in which the world has been obliterated, and there is very little left of what the world used to be, and few, if any, who knew the world before.

The Forest Beyond the Earth was intriguing, engaging, and I couldn’t help but cheer for Wisp on her adventure!

If you like YA Fantasy, and even if you are not a fan of post-apocalyptic literature, I encourage you to read this incredible story!

Author Bio:

Born in a little town known as South Amboy NJ in 1973, Matthew has been creating science fiction and fantasy worlds for most of his reasoning life. Somewhere between fifteen to eighteen of them spent developing the world in which Division Zero, Virtual Immortality, and The Awakened Series take place. He has several other projects in the works as well as a collaborative science fiction endeavor with author Tony Healey.

Hobbies and Interests:

Matthew is an avid gamer, a recovered WoW addict, Gamemaster for two custom systems (Chronicles of Eldrinaath [Fantasy] and Divergent Fates [Sci Fi], and a fan of anime, British humour (

He is also fond of cats.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Giveaway – ARC of Forever by Anna B. Doe

Anabel and William’s story is coming to a sweet, beautiful, heartbreaking conclusion in Forever, New York Knights novella (coming May 25th)!

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Book Review and Blog Tour – Filthy Gods (American Gods 0.5) by R. Scarlett

Filthy Gods (American Gods 0.5), an all-new Sexy Romance by R. Scarlett is AVAILABLE NOW!!

Prelude in the American Gods series.

Young. Wealthy. Elite. Attractive. The gentlemen’s secret society at Yale was filled with them.

And Nathaniel Radcliffe, the bane of my existence, was one of them.

As the right hand of the American Gods, he was conceited and arrogant. A dangerously handsome man in a tailored custom suit and shiny black oxford loafers.

The classroom was our battlefield. We made a sport out of arguing and debating, ready to do anything in order to win over the other.

Deadly opponents, deadlier minds.

I’d sworn I’d never give him the upper hand, until…

The secret I’ve been hiding for the last three years?

He just discovered it…and now he has all the power.


Wow! I didn’t know what to expect from this book; but this was not it! Filthy Gods was a quick, sexy read that I was completely engrossed in.

Juliette and Nathaniel are rivals at Yale, each vying for the top position. They come from completely different worlds. Juliette aged out of the foster care system and works incredibly hard just to be able to attend Yale. Nathaniel, on the other hand, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Or so it seems…

Juliette is spending the summer working as a maid for the country club. Little did she know, it’s owned by her arch-rival’s family.

He challenges her to a summer fling to rid themselves of the distraction between them so they can focus on their studies, in return for him keeping her secret – that she is not the privileged girl she has led everyone to believe.

I adored Nathaniel’s character! While he may be rich and pampered, there is a fierce loyalty in him. You know the adage, “still waters run deep”?! That is just what I think of when reading about Nathaniel. He is beautifully complex, struggling to please his parents, and to protect those closest to him.

Juliette is innately good. Sweet-natured and kind to most of everyone; however, she is sharp-witted and passionate about what she believes in. No stranger to hardship, she is not above working hard to get to where she wants to be.

While the storyline was somewhat predictable, it was thoroughly enjoyable! Definitely a must-read!

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About R. Scarlett

R. Scarlett lives in a small quaint town in Southern Ontario, Canada and has an unhealthy obsession with mythology and romance.

From studying English literature and minoring in History, she loves losing herself in a good book and snuggling up to her Brittany Spaniel.

When she’s not writing or plotting a delicious novel, she can be found hanging out with friends and family, going on long car rides, exploring small towns, or watching reruns of Sex and the City.

Follow R. Scarlett

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Blog Tour – Bane by L. J. Shen



Bane, the highly-anticipated next standalone in the Sinners of Saint Series by L.J. Shen is LIVE


Naked surfer. Habitual pothead. A con, a liar, a thief and a fraud.

Last I heard, he was extorting the rich and screwing their wives for a living.

Which is why I’m more than a little surprised to find him at my threshold, looking for my friendship, my services, and most puzzling of all—looking humbled.

Thing is, I’m on a boycott. Literally—I cut boys from my life. Permanently.

Problem is, Bane is not a boy, he is all man, and I’m falling, crashing, drowning in his sweet, perfect lies.

Jesse Carter

Hot as hell, cold as ice.

I wasn’t aware of her existence until a fat, juicy deal landed in my lap.

She’s a part of it, a little plaything to kill some time.

She is collateral, a means to an end, and a side-bonus for striking a deal with her oil tycoon stepdad.

More than anything, Jesse Carter is a tough nut to crack.

Little does she know, I have the f****** teeth for it.




A liar.

A con.

A godless thief.

My reputation was a big wave that I rode, one that swallowed everyone around me, drowning every attempt to fuck with what’s mine.

I’d been known as a stoner, but power was my real drug of choice. Money meant nothing. It was tangible, and therefore easy to lose. See, to me, people were a game. One I’d always known how to win.

Move the rooks around.

Change the queen when necessary.

Guard the king at all fucking times.

I was never distracted, never deterred, and never jealous.

So, imagine my surprise when I found myself being all three at once.

It was a siren with coal black hair who robbed me of riding the biggest wave I’d seen that summer. Of my precious attention. Of my goddamn breath.

She glided from the ocean to the beach like nightfall.

I crouched down, straddling my surfboard, gawking.

Edie and Beck stopped beside me, floating on their boards in my periphery.

“This one’s taken by Emery Wallace,” Edie had warned. Thief.

“This one’s the hottest masterpiece in town.” Beck had chuckled. Con.

“More importantly, she only dates rich bastards.” Liar.

I had all the ingredients to pull her in.

Her body was a patch of fresh snow. White, fair, like the sun shone through her, never quite soaking in. Her skin defied nature, her ass defied my sanity, but it was the words on her back that made my logic rebel.

It wasn’t her curves or the way she swayed her hips like a dangling, poisonous apple that warranted my reaction to her.

It was that tattoo I had noticed when she swam close to me earlier, the words trickling down the nape of her neck and back in a straight arrow.

My Whole Life Has Been Pledged to This Meeting with You


I only knew one person who went gaga over the Russian poet, and, like the famous Alexander, he was currently six feet under.

My friends began to paddle back to shore. I couldn’t move. It felt like my balls were ten tons heavy. I didn’t believe in love at first sight. Lust, maybe, but even that wasn’t the word I was looking for. No. This girl fucking intrigued me.

“What’s her name?” I snatched Beck’s ankle, yanking him back to me. Edie stopped pedaling and looked back, her gaze ping-ponging between us.

“Doesn’t matter, bro.”

“What’s. Her. Name?” I repeated through a locked jaw.

“Dude, she’s, like, way young.”

“I will not repeat myself a third time.”

Beck’s throat bobbed with a swallow. He knew damn well that I didn’t mess around. If she was legal—it was on.

“Jesse Carter.”

Jesse Carter was going to be mine before she even knew me.

Before I even knew her.

Before her life turned upside down and her fate rewrote itself with her blood.

So here was the truth that even my lying ass wouldn’t admit later on in our story—I wanted her before.

Before she became business.

Before the truth caged her in.

Before the secrets gushed out.

I never did get to surf that day.

My surfboard broke.

Should have known it was an omen.

My heart was going to be next in line.

And for a small chick, she did one hell of a fucking job obliterating it.

Holy Toledo! This book kicks ass… literally and figuratively!

I have not read any of the other books in the series (although, I will be soon!) and had absolutely no issues following along.

Jesse was gang-raped and savagely attacked by her boyfriend and his friends. Her life, as she knew it, was literally destroyed. To make matters worse, in order to save face, her mom and step-father allowed it to be swept under the rug. Jesse turned into a recluse, only leaving the house to see her therapist or go for middle of the night runs.

Darren, her step-father hired the town thug, Bane, to bring her out of her shell. For a cool six mil, all he had to do was give Jesse a job and be her friend. Sounds pretty straight-forward to me!

The chemistry between Bane and Jesse is spectacular. The language is a bit crass, but it fits. Bane is rough around the edges (and that is an understatement). Rather than detracting from the story, it really helps to solidify his character.

Jesse’s transformation from a helpless victim to a survivor is nothing less than inspirational. Her character is believable, and you can’t help but love her and want to see her come out on top!

I did not want to put this book down, and was really quite resentful when real life interfered. I laughed a lot… it is full of that snarky wit that I love so much.

If this is not yet on your to-be-read list, you need it there… NOW!


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About LJ Shen

LJShenL.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.

Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.

Connect with LJ Shen

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Book Review and Blog Tour – The Roots Of Us by Candace Knoebel

We are so excited to be bringing out the release of THE ROOTS OF US by Candace Knoebel. Fans of contemporary romance won’t want to miss this new emotional story. Be sure to grab your copy today!


The first time I saw Hudson Jameson, he was saving someone’s life.
The second time, he was ruining mine.

It was only supposed to be a vacation. A chance to let the Florida sun burn away the residue left behind from my failed relationships. I wasn’t searching for love. I was on a hiatus from men, especially ones with secrets.

Except Hudson had the gaze of a man drowning in his own miseries, and I was a sucker for the damaged souls. How could I deny him? How could I resist when his lips claimed mine?

I knew I couldn’t stay.
He told me he couldn’t bear to leave.

But some roots intertwine and refuse to let go, no matter how far you run.

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Read an excerpt from THE ROOTS OF US

Heightened voices rose from somewhere in the kitchen. I lifted my head when I heard a low, guttural growl. Assuming it was Hudson, I closed my laptop, curiosity picking at me once again. If there was a chance I could discover why Hudson had such a cloud hanging over his head, I had to take it.

I stood. Tip-toed forward, trying to peer through the serving window without being noticed.

“She won’t bite,” I heard the elderly woman say. “She’s just a woman, and it would do you some good to have no choice but to talk to someone. Especially someone of the opposite sex.”

She was giving him a run for his money. I already liked her.

“Martha—” Hudson said, his voice dipped in octaves that suggested she was nearing his limit for the day.

“Don’t Martha me,” she bit back at him. A lioness swatting at her cub. I inched forward, stopping just in front of the door as I tried to peek past the window to get a good look at the woman who reminded me so much of my Nona. “It’s been nearly a year since you rid yourself of that awful woman. It’s time for you to dip your feet back into the pool. You’re too young and good looking to be single. Now, get out there before she leaves.”

This was the part where my curiosity bit me in the ass. Or rather, shoved me on my ass.

With one, hard push, Hudson came barreling through the double doors, only, I was in the way. Trying to rush back to my table, I turned when the door caught the back of me.

Down I went.

I landed on my side, catching myself with my elbow as Hudson cursed behind me. When I turned, he was rubbing his forehead. I noted the bright red horizontal line across his forehead and the glaring look he threw over his shoulder, and put together that his forehead had collided with the frame due to his height. He grimaced when he noticed Martha shooing him forward with a brisk wave of her hands.

I was about to get to my feet when he turned back around and saw me on the ground. For a moment, he stood stone-still, eyebrows pressed together in a menacing furrow.

“I have a talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” I laughed, but the sound was offbeat and kind of delirious as embarrassment painted my skin in bright shades of red.

“How did you—are you all right?” he asked as he offered a hand to help me up while holding a basket of bread. Gone was his rough demeanor, replaced by concern. Rocky and rough, yet serene and calm… Hudson. I liked the softness his features took when his guard was down. The round shape of worry circling the golden rings around his pupils.

I took his hand. Rough and marred with calluses. But that wasn’t what I noticed first. What I noticed first was how my skin seemed to ignite, like a tripwire set off, the sparks traveling through my veins until they filled my heart, bursting like fireworks.

I retracted. Insta-love wasn’t my thing.

“Yeah,” I managed as I brushed my hands against my shorts. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to that heady beating of my heart, but I had a weakness for men with rough edges and soft eyes and he was charging past the barricade I’d placed. I marked the acute details of his face. The faint lines in the corners of his eyes, probably from squinting in the sun too much.

And then there were those baby blues. Something familiar and slightly terrifying swimming inside them, sort of like staring at a white water rapid, wanting to dive in but knowing you’d be swept under in a heartbeat.

Nona had always said a man would come into my life one day and replace everything I thought I knew about love. He’d erase the hurt left behind from my dad. Teach me that not all men are monsters, and take every romantic cliché and multiply them by a thousand. The palms sweating, knees weak, skin tingling kind of clichés you read about.

I never believed her. Not until that moment.

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”

There are not enough good things that I can say about this book. I was completely unfamiliar with Candace Knoebel, and didn’t even know what genre this book was in when I started reading. I was drawn in completely by the end of the first chapter. It is a beautiful, poignant story of loss, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Hartley is a runner. Abandoned by her father at a young age, and poisoned towards men by her mother’s bitterness, she does not get attached to anyone. A brilliant video editor, she is a nomad, packing up and moving on to the next location, to avoid laying down roots.

Hudson, a man of few words, also doesn’t let anyone close to him. His father is in and out of prison, his brother took off and never looked back, and his mother died, leaving him with no one.

The two share an undeniable pull, though, likened to the pull of the moon on the tides. The chemistry between them is beautiful, nothing less. They have a policy of honesty between them, and through that, they learn to trust and open themselves up.

The characters are incredibly well developed with such depth, that you can’t help but share in their emotions. Even Bilbo, Hudson’s lovable English Bulldog, takes on a life of his own.

If you are a fan of second-chances, and emotional roller coasters, this is a must-read!


Candace Knoebel is a hopeless romantic with an affinity for whiskey and good music. Her love of words began when she met the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs. She’s a self-proclaimed Lost Girl. Words are her mirror.

With two completed series, her work ranges from paranormal to contemporary, all centered heavily around romance. Currently she lives in Florida with her husband and two children, and has just completed her thirteenth novel, The Taste of Her Words.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon / Instagram / BookBub / Reader Group

Book Review

Book Review – Until (New York Knights #2) by Anna B. Doe


I was betrayed by those I loved. Those I believed in. It was the first and the last time I let myself love someone outside my family.

Love makes you weak. It makes you wish for things you can’t have. It makes you vulnerable, and I swore I would never again go down that path.

Until I met him—Jack Daniel Shelton.

She left me. She ruined me. The day I found her gone, I promised myself I’d never let anyone have that kind of hold on me again. Especially not a woman. Now she’s back.

No matter how much time has passed, no matter what I tell myself, her hold on me is still strong. But she holds a secret. A secret I can’t escape from, but a secret I can’t turn my back on, either. A secret that could ruin everything I’ve worked for.

And then, there is her—Sienna Roberts. Everything was just as it was supposed to be, until she walked into my life.

Can two souls that lost faith in love find it in one another?

Oh, how I love this series! I was so excited to read book two. Anna’s writing style is charming, easy to read, and most of all, natural! Her characters are so easy to identify with and you can’t help but fall in love with them.

J.D. is a starting player with the New York Knights and best friend to Will Price. You may remember him from my review of Lost & Found – book one of the series. J.D. learns that he has a younger sister – Grace – and his entire world changes.

Sienna, who we also met in Lost & Found, is a super model and best friend of Anabel, Will’s girlfriend. While she has made a career of modeling, and found a bit of fame along the way, her first love is dancing. When she is not on the road, she helps her mother teach dance classes at the Community Center, where underprivileged kids can get away from their home lives, even if only for a few hours.

J.D. and Sienna have an understanding. No strings attached… it’s safer that way… Sienna was hurt before and is not willing to risk her heart again.

I loved revisiting pieces of Will and Bel’s story, while getting to understand the story from J.D. and Sienna’s perspectives.

The story took a bit of an unexpected turn for me, and I felt J.D.’s fear as if it were my own. For me, that is a sign of a well-written book.

This is a book that I would highly recommend for anyone that loves a sweet, sexy romance!

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Book Review and Blog Tour – Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over by Shani Petroff

Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over
Shani Petroff
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: May 15th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

A bad storm, two canceled flights, stuck in an airport with a hot stranger and the guy who broke her heart… what could go wrong?

After Sari caught her boyfriend Zev cheating on her, their romantic Florida vacation was ruined. She can’t get back to NYC soon enough. Unfortunately, mother nature may have different plans. A huge storm is brewing in the Northeast, and flights all over the country are getting canceled—including Sari’s. She winds up stuck at the airport for hours. With Zev!

When another stranded passenger (a hot NYU guy) suggests a connecting flight to Boston, Sari jumps at the chance. But when her mom freaks out about her traveling alone, she has no choice—she has to include Zev, and somehow survive being trapped with the guy who broke her heart!

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

This was my first book by Shani Petroff and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I honestly struggled to get into it at the beginning, but I am so glad that I kept reading! It is a fantastic young adult book full of angst, heartbreak and learning to navigate the deep waters of life.

Sari Silver dreams of being a musician, and she has talent to spare. It seems everything in life is going her way – she has a boyfriend she loves, it’s senior year and she is going to a school for musicians when she graduates. She is heading to Florida to spend spring break at her grandmothers, and Zev, her boyfriend, will be there at his grandparent’s house.

The night before they leave, everything falls apart when she catches Zev kissing his ex-girlfriend.

She heads to Florida, and plans to spend her days wallowing in self-pity. There she meets Fitz, a junior at NYU, and did I mention that he’s hot?! They strike up a friendship that just made my heart happy!

The characters are well developed. I wanted so badly to be mad at Zev, but he really is lovable.

If you like angsty stories about young love, and all the drama that it entails, you will love it!

Author Bio:

Shani Petroff is a writer living in New York City. She’s the author of the “Bedeviled” series, which includes Daddy’s Little Angel, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Dress, Careful What You Wish For, and Love Struck, and is the co-author of the “Destined” series which includes Ash and Ultraviolet. She also writes for television news programs and several other venues. When she’s not locked in her apartment typing away, she spends a whole lot of time on books, boys, TV, daydreaming, and shopping online.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Book Review and Blitz – Three Day Fiancée by Marissa Clark

Three Day Fiancée
Marissa Clarke
(Animal Attraction #2)
Published by: Entangled: Lovestruck
Publication date: May 14th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

“Some things can’t be faked…”

Helicopter pilot Taylor Blankenship’s time schedule is maxed out. Between his job, his one hundred and fifty-pound slobbering mess of a dog, and his matchmaking grandmother, he has no time for anyone or anything-especially a woman. If only there were a way to get Grams to back down.

The job of New York City dog walker suits Caitlin Ramos perfectly while she preps for her CPA exam—steady, scheduled, and requiring very little human interaction; a huge seller since she’s still on the mend from a toxic relationship. Men suck. Especially her bossy hot client with the Saint Bernard that thinks it’s a lap dog. No way will she go for his plan to pretend they’re engaged to get his grandmother off his case. Down, boy.

Offered a bargain she can’t refuse, Caitlin finds herself playing the part of fiancée to Taylor. Fortunately, it’s only for three days. All she has to do is fake a relationship with Mr. Bossy Pants in front of his entire family, survive a fierce game of truth or dare with an unscrupulous pair of octogenarians, endure a one-on-one round of Twister with Taylor, and not lose her heart to a guy who turns out to be a lot more than she’d bargained for.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

Three Day Fiancée is an incredibly heartwarming story of second chances! It has so many elements that I love… animals, humor (so many LOL moments), and chemistry that sizzles!

Taylor and Caitlin are both characters that are easy to identify with. Neither are interested in dating, let alone a relationship, although for very different reasons. Caitlin has been hurt, and doesn’t want to allow it to happen again, so she buries herself in work and school. Taylor is married to his job, and can be called away on a moments notice, making dating impossible.

This was a quick and easy read that I found myself thoroughly engrossed in. I honestly wish that it had been longer, as I did not want it to end!

Are you a book reviewer?
Request a review copy here!

Author Bio:

Marissa Clarke is a multi award-winning, RITA® nominated author of romance for adults and teens. She lives on an island in the middle of a river. Seriously, she does. When not writing, she wrangles her rowdy pack of three teens, two Cairn Terriers, and one husband.

Inexplicably, her favorite animal is the giant anteater and at one point, she had over 200 “pet” Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. The roaches are a long story involving three science-crazed kids and a soft spot for rescue animals. The good news is, the “pet” roaches found a home… somewhere else.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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Book Review – Bane by L.J. Shen

Holy Toledo! This book kicks ass… literally and figuratively!

I have not read any of the other books in the series (although, I will be soon!) and had absolutely no issues following along.

Jesse was gang-raped and savagely attacked by her boyfriend and his friends. Her life, as she knew it, was literally destroyed. To make matters worse, in order to save face, her mom and step-father allowed it to be swept under the rug. Jesse turned into a recluse, only leaving the house to see her therapist or go for middle of the night runs.

Darren, her step-father hired the town thug, Bane, to bring her out of her shell. For a cool six mil, all he had to do was give Jesse a job and be her friend. Sounds pretty straight-forward to me!

The chemistry between Bane and Jesse is spectacular. The language is a bit crass, but it fits. Bane is rough around the edges (and that is an understatement). Rather than detracting from the story, it really helps to solidify his character.

Jesse’s transformation from a helpless victim to a survivor is nothing less than inspirational. Her character is believable, and you can’t help but love her and want to see her come out on top!

I did not want to put this book down, and was really quite resentful when real life interfered. I laughed a lot… it is full of that snarky wit that I love so much.

If this is not yet on your to-be-read list, you need it there… NOW!